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nyddu felpa (terry Ffrengig)

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Cymysgedd spandex terry Ffrengig polyester (felpa nyddu)

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Yn ddiffuant

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French terry N.1




Sweaters are a type of knitted fabric called French Terry and are called fleece after being brushed. This kind of knitted fabric is made of displacement pad yarn, so it is called displacement cloth or sweatshirt cloth. Some places called ring cloth, some places called fish scale cloth, a lot of species, (fish scale cloth, because the back of the cloth is ring, some look like fish scales, so the name) gram weight is generally 190g/M2-350g/M2 between
Knitted fabric is made of yarn through knitting regular movement and the formation of coils, coils and coils between the formation of the fabric string.
Coil is the smallest basic unit of knitted fabric, it is an important sign of recognition of knitted fabric.

Product business terms

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Manylion Pecynnu:

All-purpose plastic packing bag and Strong  paper rod  

Amser Cyflawni:

Thirty five days after deposit paid

Telerau Taliad:


Cyflenwad Gallu:

One hundred thousand tons plus (negotiable for more)


chemical fiber has good flexibility, good quality. The key characteristics are bright color, soft material, hanging straight, smooth and comfortable. Their defects are wear resistance, temperature resistance, water absorption, air permeability is relatively poor, heat is very easy to deformation, very easy to form static electricity.

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